Food and Beverage

All food and beverage products must have consumer appeal or they just do not sell.  The LABEL becomes the face of these products so their image is critical and often becomes the difference whether or not the product is chosen by the consumer.

American Label & Tag has a proven track record of producing these high impact labels to the food and beverage industry so to provide the absolute best chance of being chosen by the purchaser when laid next to the competitor's product.  Labels are not just labels anymore.  They are the representatives of the contents.

Very often, the appeal of the printed label will sell the product that is inside.  If the consumer likes the picture on the label, and it looks appetizing, these products are typically the first to find their way into the shopping basket.


water bottle label lg

Absopure® 3 Gal. Spring Water Label

Laminated paper label, printed flexographically using 6 spot colors.  Designed  for high-speed automatic application on to PET-1 plastic water bottles.


lipari deli meat lg

Lipari® Deli Meat, Ready to Eat Roast Beef

Branded private label deli meat label printed flexographically on laminated paper. Designed for application to vacuum packed deli meat. Stored in refrigerated meat case.



mossy oak beef jerky label lg

Mossy Oak® 2oz. Beef Jerky Labels

Private label printed on semi-gloss paper with a protective clear lamination. The label is 4 color process plus 4 spot colors printed flexographically. Delivered in roll form for high-speed application to plastic food grade bags.


sanders fudge label lg

Sanders® 20oz Hot Fudge Jar Labels

Gloss UV coated prime retail paper label. Printed flexographically 4 color process with 3 spot colors. Designed for high-speed automatic application on to glass bottles filled