Material Handling - Identification

Material Handling: The process of getting parts from one site to another requires instruction. The automotive industry for example ships thousands of different components to various sites to build its products.

As important as being stable and secure is the labeling of instructional information. Descriptions of parts, part numbers, quantities, handling directions, warnings and bar codes are common. As well as “ship to” and “return to information”.

Labeling will often have to hold up to heat and cold extremes, moisture, abrasion, power washing and cleaning with solvents.

Typical applications include vacuum and thermally formed containers such as “knock downs”, or corrugated boxing, steel racking, and bagging.




 Ford Rack ID Label.

Sequentially barcoded rack identification labels. Designed for high visability
and accurate "First Try" 
high speed barcde scanning. Backed by premium

odor assassin label lg

Front & back 32oz Chemical Spray Bottle Label

Odor assassin air & fabric freshener labels for the front and back sides of a 32oz spray bottle. Special mirrored shapes are designed to fit into molded cavities on PET-1 spray bottle. Printed flexograph...

BASF waste label lg

BASF Hazardous Waste Drum Label

Chemical drum label, printed flexographically with a flood yellow coating and 2 spot colors (Black and Red). Delivered shrink wrapped in stacks of individually sheeted labels

McKesson label lg

MCKesson Glutaraldehyde Solution Label

2 Color paper label printed flexographically. Barcoded and covered with Glossy UV varnish. Numbered on the back of the liner for traceability and inventory purposes.

The process of getting parts from one site to another requires instruction. The automot...