Medical Labels

American Label & Tag manufactures a large range of labels for medical supply chains, hospitals and laboratories. We understand the needs of hospital professionals and health care staff. Our materials are chosen carefully based on the product characteristics, packaging, and how it will be used within the hospital environment.

We provide full traceability of all our manufacturing materials and project tracking. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and is a GMP compliant manufacturer.

Sample products are:

  • Bar code labels
  • Syringe labels
  • Tamper evident and Security labels
  • Hazard warning labels
  • Laser, sheet labels
  • Chart labels
  • Thermal labels
  • Roll labels

rockwell citra pure label lg

Rockwell® Citra-Pure® Liquid Concentrate Citrate Label

55 Gallon drum chemical label printed flexographically in 2 spot colors. Top coated with a computer imprintable varnish. Designed for automatic high-speed application on the HDPE plastic drums with water condensation...

kerr syringe label lg

Kerr Mixpac Syringe Wrap Label

This is a film based label designed for application to a Mixpac double syringe system.  Printed flexographicaly using metallic colors. Coated with imprintable lamination for secondary lot and date coding. The lay...

medical rockwell

1 Gallon Chemical Bottle Label

This label is designed to completely wrap around a 1 gallon jug of medical / dental grade surface disinfectant.  Printed flexographicaly on paper with glossy UV varnish protective coating. This label utilizes our...