UL Labeling

At American Label & Tag, Inc we excel in offering specialized solutions for specific applications requiring compliance from a third party. This includes Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standards Association(CSA).

A UL listing mark on a product is a manufacturer's representation that their product has been been tested by UL to their stringent safety standards. The mark signifies a company's product is free from risk of fire, electrical hazards and related potential problems. American Label & Tag, Inc. has been authorized by UL to print their logo and UL labels since 1998 file 236221-001.

Materials/products commonly seen with UL labels affixed to them:

Solar Panels
Electrical products
Metals -- aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel
Plastic -- nylon, polyethylene, polyester, powder coating

Our UL labels can survive the most extreme weather conditions, including high and low temperatures, abrasive environments and applications requiring greater initial adhesion. Please feel free to call an American Label representative for information on how to match the proper materials with your application.

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CSA logo labels

CSA stanards , like their UL counterparts, are authorized to deal with the issue of safety and safe use of products. Their main focus is on the canadian market. ALT has been with CSA since the late 1990's and can offer prodcuts to meet their standards.


UL Lamp Label

Lamp Labels - UL Approved (Type R) PGDQ2

UL approved labels that meet UL 969 Standard, used in the lighting industry with serialization for controlled tracking and usage.

UL Lamp Label

UL Component Thermal Printable Silver Film Label PGJI2

Silver Film Label, with snapplock adhesive, certified UL component label, thermal imprintable, for use on refrigeration equipment, stainless surface.


UL Approved Wiring Diagram Labels

Wiring diagram labels, printed one color flexographically on UL® approved white polyester. Precision die-cut to specific shape and dimensions to fit plastic molded wiring harness cover.


Uni-Solar solar panel electric module Label

UL Approved label for solar panels, printed flexograpically in 2 colors on matte silver polyester. All materials and production methods are UL and CE certified and approved.


UL Approved Smoke Detector Label

UL® approved smoke detector labels printed on heavy weight vinyl with a velvet Lexan® lamination to provide extreme protection and long life.


UL Registered Company