Waterproof Tags

We offer a variety of waterproof and weather resistant tags for any need.

  • Plant stakes
  • Nursery hang tags
  • Security tags
  • Lock out / tag out
  • Outdoor identification tags
  • Luggage tags
  • Wrist band ID tags
  • Outdoor / harsh environment hang tags
  • Many others

Featuring a wide assortment of natural and synthetic materials that offer water, chemical, light, and harsh environment resistance.

Waterproof and weatherproof tags are always in need.  Some applications demand that tags for identification and instruction be created to standards much more demanding than that which can be used indoors in more mild conditions.

The “MillionTree NYC” project.  This was a program put together by the city of New York to give away, and get planted, a million trees. They needed a tag for each tree that could withstand the weather, and stay securely attached with its information.  Additionally, it needed to be written on in the field to identify the tree species, who planted the tree, and who would be caring for the particular tree.  Several large companies and organizations were involved with funding and implementation of the project and their names and logo’s needed to be properly noted.  So the challenge of securing colors and details had to be assured against the harsh weather, and environmental conditions.  By building a tag using non-paper materials and fade resistant inks we were able to meet all the requirements and produce a beautiful, functional, and extremely durable tag.        



wp stringtag treesNYC Million Trees Waterproof Tag

Durable tags that can withstand the elements. Made to handle rain, dirt, sunlight and wind.



Waterproof Nursery Hang Tag.

Full color tag, printed digitally on waterproof synthetic tag stock. Ideal for trees, bushs, or hanging potted plants. UV varnish protects images and text.


Airline Luggage Tag.

Wrap around waterproof, tear-resistant luggage tag. Printed flexographically with one color on each side. Supplied perforated in roll form for thermal printing on-site.


Plant Stake Tag.

Waterproof horticulturel tags printed 4 color process digitally. Two sided with special ribbing on the stake are for additional strength. Ideal for variable data (localization, seasonal variation e...



Waterproof Promotional Training Aid.

3 part rotating circular calculator printed 4-color process on outer layers and black only on the inner disk. Secured with a metal grommet in the center serving as a hub for the disks to spin aroun...