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Best in class art and graphics on call for your project ...

American Label Group's full service art department is happy to take art in any stage of completion and produce finished high quality art work for your labels and tags. We do ask that if you are sending artwork electronically you follow our submission guidlines.

We offer our customers the ability to produce art from scratch, work from supplied specifications or merely to pre-flight and prepare your computer generated files for use on Flexographic or Hot Stamp Presses.

Our full service art department uses a wide array of equipment which we constantly update to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We currently employ Latest generation Mac and PC Graphics workstations, color calibrated monitors etc. 1200x1200 Optical resolution 48 bit flat bed scanners, and High resolution color and laser printers, all connected to a New Quad processor server with 4 terabytes of Fast safe Hard disk storage. We archive all work with our DVD Writable drive. (see our pre-press area for info on our film / proofing / plate making capabilities).

A look into our creative process...


When you send your art file, it goes through several steps before it actually becomes a tag or label.

If art is sent "camera ready", we make sure the dimensions are correct and that we can separate the colors for the individual flexographic plates. If it is a 4 color process tif, we check the resolution to be sure it is at least 300 ppi. We prefer it to be 600 or more. That makes much better plates that, in turn, make a much better product for you.

If we have to assemble "parts" you send, then it takes a little more time. We create a document to the die size and place all the elements, again checking for correct color usage, typographical errors and overall appearance.

When you receive your proof, you should always double check the spelling and information on the art and confirm that the colors and substrate are correct. When you send hand drawn art or request custom art from an idea, we will create professional looking files for you to proof. You always have the opportunity to make changes and suggestions before we go to press.

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