How to Choose an Adhesive

An important part of your label buying decision

This is an attempt to remove a label with removable adhesive. Note how the label remains intact and the surface is relativly free of adhesive residue.





This is an attempt to remove a label with permanent adhesive. Note how the label becomes damaged by the removal process and the surface shows signs of adhesive residue left behind.




When designing and ordering a custom label, it is important to choose an adhesive that is well suited for the tasks that your labels will perform.  There are three key components to consider when choosing the proper label adhesive:  time, texture and temperature.

Time refers to the duration that the label needs to remain adhered to a surface.  American Label Group can provide varying levels of adhesives from removable to permanent.  Consider how long your label needs to stick before deciding upon an adhesive.

Another important factor to consider in selecting a label adhesive is the texture of the surface on which the label will be applied.  If the surface is rough and uneven, the label will need an aggressive adhesive in order to adhere.  If the surface is smooth and even, a less aggressive adhesive is required.

Finally, consider the temperature of the item that you need to label at application and during use.  If a label will be used in high heat, select an adhesive with a high working temperature range.  If the label will be adhered to a room temperature product that will be stored in a freezer, choose an adhesive that will adhere at room temperature and remain on the package when frozen.

American Label Group can provide adhesives to suit all temperatures, surfaces and degrees of permanence.  Consider your specific needs and call us at 800-504-8247.  We will help you choose the right adhesive for your labeling needs.

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