Explore the Hot Stamp Printing Process

A brief overview of a printing method uniquely suited for label & tag printing.

Hot stamping is a process in which an engraved image is heated and pressed against a flat plate. Foil is threaded between them and where they meet, the ink from the foil is left behind on the substrate. This forms a permanent bond between the label or tag and the foil, and creates a dry print.

One important aspect of creating a hot stamp die is the artwork. All art must be 100% of a color. Screens or shading can not be duplicated in the hot stamp process. Very detailed work might not be best in hot stamp because the details tend to blend together.

True metallic colors can be achieved with hot stamping, giving you a very prestigious look. Foils are opaque so they produce a deep high quality image.

Short runs using the hot stamp process can be very cost effective, but long runs can be costly.

We can fill your needs up to 9 inches square.



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