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Hot Stamp Printing Process Info

American Label Group’s hot stamp imprint process utilizes pressure and heat to create decorative metallic labels and tags. An essential element of hot stamp printing is the use of an engraved plate with raised images. The ink used in hot stamping is a roll of dry ink. To print a label or tag with a hot stamp, the engraved plate is heated and then forced down against the label or tag material with the dry ink sandwiched in between. The heated, raised images of the plates are pressed against the dry ink and onto the label material. Only the dry ink that has come in contact with the raised images is applied to the label or tag.

Hot stamp printing is unique in its ability to apply a shiny metallic foil imprint to a label or tag, a style that cannot be duplicated by water-based ink imprint processes. Labels and tags printed with hot stamp stand out among other labels and tags as elegant, sophisticated and impressive. One limitation to hot stamp printing, however, is the inability to control imprint colors. The colors of dry ink used in hot stamping are predetermined by the manufacturer and cannot be altered to any other colors or shades.

To create a decorative metallic hot stamp label or tag, contact us at 800-504-8247. Our customer service staff will answer any questions and help you through the designing and ordering process.

Popular Hot Stamp Label Markets

HS Markets


Jewelry Barbell Labels

barbellWhen ordinary tags won't do, consider barbell labels. These unique shapes work well with ornaments, jewelry, and other items that are incapable of holding traditional tags and labels. Made of heavy duty, tear - resistant white Tyvek material, these labels come with one hot stamp color worked into the price. With 34 hot stamp colors available, there is sure to be a color that will match your marketing needs.

These labels come wound on rolls of 1,000, and can also be purchased with no printing on them as blank labels. Ranging in size from 1 1/2" x 5/8" all the way to 3 3/4" x 1", we are sure to have a barbell label to fit your unique item.

Foil Printed Ribbon

ribbonWith any business, it's the small details that make a big impression. What better way to create a beautiful presentation than with custom hot stamped ribbon? We can print your company logo on any color ribbon that you provide.

With more than 25 hot stamp colors to choose from, we are sure to have a shade that will work perfectly for you. One difference with our ribbon versus our other products is that we ask that the stock be provided to us by the distributor. We also require a minimum order of 10 rolls. Delivery is quick! one to ten days from receipt of ribbon.

Lube & Service

serviceStatic cling clear film labels designed to be placed on the inside of a drivers windshield to remind them of there next service time based on milage or date. These can contain a white space for the service technician to write in this information, or can be setup to have the variable data printed on site either thermally or via laser printer. A cost effective and proven driver of repeat business.

Anniversary Labels

anniversaryFoil based ribbons to show the world how long you have been in business and remind everyone of your years of service and stability of your company.

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