Label Protection

spot_varnishLamination and protective coatings

Depending on the intended use of the label, protecting the printing may be necessary. If the label is being applied to an item that will be used outdoors, exposed to chemicals or used in wet or humid environments, a laminated label will ensure that the imprint stays legible and the label stays intact.

A varnish or lamination can be added to a label to protect its imprint. A varnish is a liquid that coats the face stock of the print label.  Most

shiny_varnish Most varnishes used for print protection are UV cured to provide additional abrasion and chemical resistance.  A varnish can also be used to enhance imprinting on the label stock.

Lamination is a clear material that covers the printed face stock.  Because this is an actual material protecting the imprint, lamination provides more protection than a varnish.  Lamination is available in different finishes such as gloss or matte, depending on the look desired.  Varnish and lamination applications are applied last in the printing process.

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