New Products

RELEASE DATE: 09/16/2016

Piggyback Labels – Flexibility in a Wide Variety of Applications

We offer  a unique solution for your labeling needs.

Often known as a “label on a label” piggybacks are used for a variety of applications including; direct mail, warehouse inventory control, business forms, medical office labels, laboratory labels, and sales and marketing promotions.

Whatever the case, we’ve got your product needs covered with a variety of facestocks including semi-gloss and attention getting foils, holograms and fluorescent paper, plus thermal transfer and direct thermal.

From large to small orders, we have three piggyback structures available in Semi-Gloss paper. We offer a selection of permanent adhesives and a variety of liner combinations.



RELEASE DATE: 08/10/2016

Brown Natural Kraft, Not Just for Hiding Mistakes!

From cover-ups to primary labels, American Label's natural kraft facer is a versatile choice.

060GM, a 66# brown natural kraft facer, is a multi-purpose, strong paper with excellent tear resistance. Its strength and opacity make it an ideal choice to cover-up existing labels or unwanted markings on corrugated packaging.

The unbleached look and feel of 060GM also makes it an excellent option for unique primary label applications requiring a natural, rustic, and earthy feel. Consider 060GM for specialty food labels, health and beauty, crafts, etc.



RELEASE DATE: 07/01/2016

New Water Dissolvable Paper

American Label & Tag, Inc has added new H20DP Material for your wash away and other temporary label applications.

H2ODP is the dependable, high quality sheet you need for wash away applications. When combined with our dissolvable adhesive,  this label structure disappears in 30 seconds under running water. It has extremely clean removability and leaves behind no sticky residue.

Compatible with both water and solvent based inks, H2ODP labels can be decorated with colorful flood-coating or line copy.

Consider H2ODP for food service labels, product totes and other packages that are meant to be washed and reused as well as reusable industrial applications.

In addition to temporary uses, labels made from dissolvable paper are earth-friendly and non-toxic. They remove easier from reusable packaging than traditional paper labels and aid the recyclability of containers during the recycling process.

Contact your ALT sales representative for additional information or samples.