Automatic Application Equipment


American Label & Tag, Inc. is your one stop supplier of all types of automatic application equipment from hand held units to fully automated in-line high speed industrial applicators capable of processing thousands of labels per hour.

We are certified re-sellers of many of the best known brands of automated label application equipment including Towa, Inc. and Tech Data.


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  • Model LS-100
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • 1/4 hp Baldor DC motor
  • 2" clutch / brake
  • Linear speed control to 800 inches per minute
  • Fully electronic product and label detection
  • Easy threading and operation
  • Up to 8" web width



  • Model LS-200
  • High speed - up to 2160 inches per minute
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 1/2 hp DC motor
  • 5" clutch / brake
  • Multi-axis tilt adjustment
  • Optional remote unwind
  • Optional stepper drive