Battery Labels

Functionally, battery labels become an essential and integral part of the whole battery cell. The battery copy/layout is embedded between special polyester materials and laminations to insure resistance to abrasion. Non-conductive inks prevent short-circuiting issues for the battery. These labels are designed to have a very long life and are usually the center of attention when looking at a battery.

Battery labels endure corrosive and harsh climates such as very high heat, acids and oils. Typically, these labels are manufactured in special polyester materials with lamination.

We can create custom battery labels by generating art layout designs for your review. Upon receipt of your approval we can provide quick turnarond. Our management team will select between the many options we have of assuring high quality with our line up of cutting-edge technology.  The printing processes include our new digital HP 4500 7 color with 2 sided printing. We are also capable of printng in flexo, hot stamp and foil stamping amongst others...

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